PRESENTER: Richard Angus

This months Azure DevOps User group takes a break from the 80's and instead we have an update on Azure DevOps since we last looked.

Azure DevOps Updates for August and September
I will cover some of the highlights over the last few releases, along with highlighting new features in GitHub

DORA State if DevOps Report
The DORA State of DevOps report for 2019 was released recently. There are some interesting trends in DevOps, as well as shift in the things that are measured in the report. I
will give some of my observations on this report and discuss the trends in the DevOps communities.

Pipeline Governance Framework
As part of the release of the DORA State of DevOps report, one of the authors (Gene Kim) has made available a few white papers. One of these discusses a potential framework for
Pipeline governance, along with some tools that can be used to implement this. I will give a brief overview of this subject and give an example if an Azure DevOps Pipeline that implements
some governance

As usual, meet between 7:30 and 8 AM - unfortunately we will not have the usual breakfast this time due to the supplier no longer being able to offer the breakfasts. I hope to
have something available, but that may not be possible for this meetup

SPEAKER BIO: Richard Angus

Richard has over twenty years  of experience in the IT industry. He has worked with numerous technologies ranging from BASIC, to Turbo Pascal to COBOL to VB to Java to .NET to HTML/Javascript, and even some SharePoint in there for a bit of fun. He has implemented numerous enterprise systems for government and private clientsm and is currently leading a team at a government organisation, helping them make the jump to gile and DevOps practices.

The presentation can be found at our GitHub repository

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