👋 Welcome, it's great to have you here.

The Brisbane Azure DevOps User Group is a continuation of a Brisbane user group that has been around since 2008, when VSTS was new, and a lot of us were wide eyed and excited about the coming wave of software development.

Over the years, this user group has adapted to the changes in the Application Life Management space, as the software industry matured and changed focus. Problems were solved, and new ones arose. Old ways of thinking were discarded, and new ones emerged.

The Software Industry is a fascinating one, and one that changes constantly. All of us face challenges with the explosion of knowledge that has occurred over the last 10 years.

This user group seeks to gather like minded individuals who have an interest in the current incarnation of Application Life-cycle Management - Dev-Ops.

Our industry has been evolving towards a more integrated set of software development and operations, and is starting to become more focused on outcomes rather than on the technology that achieves those outcomes. The requirement that for an organisation to achieve its goals, requires that different aspects of an organisation work together collaboratively to achieve a common goal has grown, to the point where if your organisation does not have a strategy in place for dealing with the ever growing complexity, it will face challenges

A few things you should know upfront:

  1. This goals of this user group is to foster conversations with people across all industries and technologies. we just happen to think that the Azure Dev-Ops offering from Microsoft is a great offering, and allows for great flexibility
  2. We want to learn about all things to do with Dev-Ops, and do not confine ourselves to just Microsoft technologies. The days of a mono culture in IT are over
  3. We like to have fun, and seeks to be as inclusive as we possibly can

So welcome. We hope that you join us on our Dev-Ops journey. We have lots of things planned, starting with a special 1/2 day event we are hosting at the Microsoft offices on the 18th of October. Stay tuned for more information.

Oh, and we would love your feedback. The Dev-Ops community can not exist in a vacuum, and we really want to grow with the industry. So feel free to give us feedback.